31 August 2016

A little bit about Princess and the Pea- Happily Ever After (New Frontier Publishing)

Princess and the Pea is part of the series Happily Ever After retold by Alex Field and published by New Frontier Publishing.
Originally written by Hans C. Andersen whose work can not be overlooked, many of his stories made me dream as a child as they did with my children.
We all know The Little Mermaid, The Nightingale, The Snow Queen, Thumbelina, The Ugly Duckling...just to name a few. They are part of my childhood and they still inspire many of us and will always do.
So, I was very excited to illustrate Princess and the Pea as it is one of my favorite and I just loved the way Alex Field rewrote it and the new twist on the classic fairy tale.

It was the right time here to use a bit of my illumination skills on the very first letter of the book.
I had a few ideas, and there is the one we chose. A little bit inspired by peas...

Work in process for the first page.
From sketches to colors.

The choice of the vehicle's color was very sensitive here.
I wanted a very special orange.
And these two colors (orange and green) are the main
 colors in the book.

                                       The Princess from sketches to colors, for the cover.

A very special vehicle for the Prince.
I wanted it to come from another time, a bit whimsical and of course very useful so that the prince could travel far and wide and for a long, long time.

                                                            A few tiny details....

And to finish, somewhere in the book, observant readers might be able to recognize the portrait of Hans C. Andersen as a nod to his work.

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